Learn how to make homemade pretzel dogs!! All-beef hot dogs stuffed with cheddar cheese and wrapped in a delicious homemade soft pretzel. Amazingly delicious and so easy to make! Dip in ketchup, Cheez-Whiz, melted Velveeta or even mustard. You gotta give these a try!

***I used HALF a recipe of my homemade pretzel dough for 8 hot dogs. You can also substitute 1 ‘tube’ or can of premade pretzel dough if you so choose. See how I make my pretzel dough here: https://youtu.be/OYewgtCpmsI

What you’ll need:
-pretzel dough
-hot dogs
-cheddar cheese
-baking soda (for the pretzel solution)
-pretzel salt
-melted butter
-dipping sauce of your choice

Makes 8 soft pretzel dogs. Enjoy!!

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