After waiting whole week, we had a birthday party for my sister yesterday. It was a big one. Between family and her friends, we had around 15 people in the party. I got her a cake from a local bakeshop, and I managed to have a slice. The cake isn’t too bad, though I felt there could have been more cheese in it. My sister said she loved the cake, and specially its soft sponge bit. Happy,happy!!



Of course, there is something more then a cake yesterday. Guess what, we had an awesome BBQ dish last night. Thanks a lot for Fiona’s contribution. She brought the BBQ idea and made these great scallops for us. XXX for Fionna. If you always have chicken wings or sausages in your BBQ, you should definitely try scallops next time.


BBQ scallops

     Fresh scallops with shell (alive scallops)
     Light soy sauce
     Salted butter

BBQ scallopsscallops


1. Open the scallops, and rinse under running water to remove any grit.
2. Leave scallops on the fire. Add 2-3 drops of light soy sauce and 1/2 tsb butter in each scallop. BBQ for 4-6 minutes, then ready to serve.

** You probably see a black sac in each scallop on the photo. You may remove it when you do this scallop BBQ.