Moscow mule

I kick off every other weekend with a Moscow mule. Ginger beer and vodka is the perfect combo to start a night out.


Difficulty: Easy

Time: 10 min. preparation time, 0 min. baking time

Nutrition: Calories ca 232 / Protein 1g / Carbohydr. 7g / Fat 0g

Ingredients (1 servings)

4 slicescucumber
4 clvodka
0.5lime (juice)
200 mlginger beer
ice for serving
mint for garnishing


copper mug, cutting board, knife

Wine Tip

Buttermilk chicken wings
Crunchy, succulent chicken wings go wonderfully with this gingery, refreshing cocktail.

Step 1

Moscow mule

Cut cucumber into slices.

cutting board, knife

4 slices cucumber

Step 2

Moscow mule

Fill a copper mug half full with ice. Add vodka and stir. Juice lime into mug. Finally, pour in ginger beer.

copper mug

4 cl vodka / 0.5 lime / 200 ml ginger beer / ice for serving

Step 3

Moscow mule

Add cucumbers to mug and garnish with mint leaves.

mint for garnish