Avocado delight smoothie

This is the one drink I would take to a lonely island. Simply because it is creamy, healthy, nutritive and, above all, absolutely delicious.


Difficulty: Easy

Time: 10 min. preparation time, 0 min. baking time

Nutrition: Calories ca 275 / Protein 4g / Carbohydr. 30g / Fat 15g

Ingredients (2 servings)

1avocado (medium-sized)
0.5lime (juice)
1 tbspagave syrup
300 mlalmond milk (cold)
0.5 tspvanilla extract
ice cubes (optional)


citrus press, blender, cutting board, knife

Wine Tip

Soy Vanilla Pudding with Blueberry Sauce
Enjoy the smoothie with our soy vanilla pudding for a sweet treat. The citrus notes in the smoothie go particularly well with the blueberry sauce.

Step 1

Avocado delight smoothie

Peel half of the oranges, remove pits and cut into chunks. Peel and pit avocado and roughly chop.

cutting board, knife

1 orange / 1 avocado

Step 2

Avocado delight smoothie

Juice the remaining oranges using a citrus press.

citrus press

1 orange

Step 3

Avocado delight smoothie

Add avocado, orange pieces, orange juice, lime juice, and agave syrup to blender. Pour in almond milk and blend until smooth.


0.5 lime (juice) / 1 tbsp agave syrup / 300 ml almond milk (cold)

Step 4

Avocado delight smoothie

Pause blender and add vanilla extract. Then continue to mix for approx. 1 – 2 min. Enjoy immediately. For an even more refreshing experience, serve on ice.

0.5 tsp vanilla extract / ice cubes