Chicken fajitas

A perfect, flavorful dish for cooking sessions with friends.


Difficulty: Medium

Time: 20 min. preparation time, 0 min. baking time

Nutrition: Calories ca 539 / Protein 43g / Carbohydr. 58g / Fat 10g

Ingredients (2 servings)

300 gchicken breast
4wheat tortillas
1red pepper
1red onion
1chili pepper
1 tsptomato paste
100 mlred wine
100 mltomato sauce
0.25lime (juice)
vegetable oil for frying
guacamole for serving
grated cheese for serving


large frying pan, cooking spoon, cutting board, knife

Wine Tip

Gewürztraminer, dry, 2012
Gewürztraminer softens the fiery heat of the fajitas. Its elegant aromas provide a lingering finish.

Step 1

Chicken fajitas

Remove seeds from the chili pepper and chop finely. Finely dice pepper, tomato, and onion. Cut chicken breast into pieces (approx 1cm x 1cm).

cutting board, knife

1 chili pepper / 1 red pepper / 1 tomato / 1 onion / 300 g chicken breast

Step 2

Chicken fajitas

Salt chicken and sear in some vegetable oil until golden. Add pepper, tomato, onion, and tomato paste and sauté. Deglaze with red wine.

large frying pan, cooking spoon

1 tsp tomato paste / 100 ml red wine / vegetable oil for frying / salt

Step 3

Chicken fajitas

Add tomato sauce and simmer for approx. 5 – 7 min. Season with chili, lime juice, salt and pepper. Heat the tortillas and roll with guacamole, chicken filling, and grated cheese to enjoy the fajitas.

100 ml tomato sauce / 0.25 lime / salt / pepper / 4 wheat tortillas / guacamole to serve / grated cheese to serve