Japanese seaweed salad

An absolutely delicious salad that’s easy to prepare and full of flavor. Perfect for lunch at the office.


Difficulty: Easy

Time: 20 min. preparation time, 0 min. baking time

Nutrition: Calories ca 160 / Protein 5g / Carbohydr. 8g / Fat 2g

Ingredients (4 servings)

200 gseaweed
3 stalksgreen onion
1 bunchcilantro
0.5 tbspginger
3 tbspsesame oil
20 gsesame seeds
100 mlsweet chili sauce


fine grater, citrus press, large bowl, cutting board, knife

Wine Tip

Sauvignon blanc
A dry sauvignon blanc from a southern climate, such as the south of France, is an ideal pairing for this salad. The grassy bouquet complements the cucumber and seaweed.

Step 1

Japanese seaweed salad

Wash seaweed and soak in cold water in a large bowl for approx. 8 – 10 min. Drain and set aside.

large bowl

200 g seaweed

Step 2

Japanese seaweed salad

Julienne carrot and cucumber. Cut onions into fine rings. Cut green onions crosswise into thin slices. Finely chop chili and cilantro.

cutting board, knife

1 carrot / 0.5 cucumber / 1 onion / 3 stalks green onion / 1 chili / 1 bunch cilantro

Step 3

Japanese seaweed salad

Combine seaweed, carrot, cucumber, onion, chili, green onion, and cilantro in a large bowl. Grate ginger into bowl. Add sesame oil, sesame seeds, sweet chili sauce, and lime juice. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Toss salad thoroughly. Enjoy!

fine grater, citrus press

0.5 tbsp ginger / 3 tbsp sesame oil / 20 g sesame seeds / 100 ml sweet chili sauce / 1 lime