How to make chicken fried steak complete with mashed potatoes and gravy! Who doesn’t love chicken fried steak?!

Although I don’t make this often, this right here is the ultimate comfort food for me. There are about as many ways to make chicken fried steak as there are to make fried chicken or potato salad and although everyone has their favorite way, this is mine. And this is by no means the only way.

The list of ingredients for this are as follows. There is no real ‘recipe’ here as it all just kind of by feel and personal preference so watch the video to see how I go about it.

What you’ll need:
cube steaks
saltine crackers
seasoned pepper (4 parts Lawry’s and 1 part black pepper)
oil for frying
flour and milk for the gravy
mashed potatoes: boiled potatoes, butter or margarine, salt and pepper, milk and I add half and half to make it a little more rich.