You’ve gotten them at the state fair and now you can make them at home! Using only 4 ingredients, these strawberry lemon shake ups are sure to keep you cool and refreshed on a hot summer day. Add a splash of your favorite giggle water (vodka) to make it hard. Once you shake it up sit back, relax and enjoy the best homemade strawberry lemonade recipe!

What you’ll need:
A 20 oz. glass with a tight fitting lid
1 cup of crushed ice (8 regular ice cubes)
1 cup water
1/4 cup granulated sugar
3 large ripe strawberries
1/2 lemon

Start off by crushing your ice. Crushed ice helps to cool the drink faster, the smaller pieces will dilute the drink and make it less cloyingly sweet and it helps to dissolve the sugar faster. Clean you lemon and strawberries well. Core the strawberries and quarter the half lemon. Add to your glass along with the sugar, ice and water. Put the lid on securely and shake, shake, shake it up! Shake for a good 30-45 seconds to completely dissolve the sugar. Makes an 18oz drink. Enjoy!

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