Learn how to make these awesome chocolate covered strawberry roses for Valentine’s Day! I’ll show you how to make the chocolate modeling clay, how to dip strawberries and finally, how to create these beautiful flowers so you can make your own bouquet for your valentine.

Original instructable can be found here: http://www.instructables.com/id/Chocolate-covered-strawberry-roses/


-when choosing strawberries, make sure to include small, round and pointed berries. Skip the wide, flat ones.
-For the chocolate modeling clay, use 6 ounces BY WEIGHT and 2 TBSP of corn syrup to make the clay. Color the corn syrup, NOT THE CHOCOLATE! If you can’t find or buy corn syrup where you are liquid glucose is nearly the same thing and is interchangeable. You will need one or the other to make this work.
-each recipe of clay will cover 3 roses. If you are doing a dozen roses, you’ll need 4 recipes. Do each recipe separate as making large batches is difficult to get the corn syrup and chocolate combined well without it breaking.
-You can use white chocolate, almond bark, chocolate coating, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, semi-sweet, or Wilton Candy Melts.

Skip to:
0:23 for making the chocolate clay
4:02 for making the stems
4:36 for prepping the berries and coating them
5:56 for making the petals
6:43 for applying the petals and making the roses

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