Learn how to make homemade mozzarella sticks just like you find in a restaurant! So much better than the heat-n-serve frozen ones and a lot cheaper too! I don’t recommend baking these as the breading needs to cook before the cheese turns to oozing molten lava. 😉

What you’ll need:
8oz. mozzarella cheese
1/4 cup flour
2 large eggs
2 Tbsp water
2 cups Italian Style breadcrumbs (see how I make mine here: http://youtu.be/GMTG73oBXXQ )
vegetable oil for frying

Start by cutting the block of cheese in half and then standing on edge and slicing in half again followed by cutting into 5 equal sections. Each cheese stick should be approx. 1/4″x1/4″x3″. One (8oz) block of cheese will make 20 mozzarella sticks. Toss the cheese sticks in flour and shake to remove excess flour. Whisk eggs with water in a pie plate or bowl and coat the floured sticks in the mixture. In another pie plate or bowl, add bread crumbs and coat the cheese sticks. Shake off excess crumbs and set aside. Repeat the breading process by dipping in the egg mixture again followed by the bread crumbs again. Put onto a plate and freeze for at least 2 hours. This helps to prevent cheese blowout during cooking.

Heat oil to 350*F. In small batches, fry the cheese sticks until golden brown. It takes less than a minute to cook them. Remove to a paper towel lined plate or a wire rack to drain. Serve with marina sauce and enjoy! Makes 20 mozzarella cheese sticks.

Music by KevinMacLeod (http://incompetech.com)